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The New Standard
in Crypto Investigation and Recovery

Restoring Integrity in the Crypto Space by Holding Scammers Accountable and Rewarding Viable Projects

The Next Generation of Crypto Security for Project Owners and Investors 

The Next Generation of Crypto Scam Investigation and Recovery and Project Verification for Project Owners and Investors.

Using a proprietary blockchain forensic tracking and tracing technology in conjunction with a powerful legal strategy to define scams, identify bad actors, we advise on the best strategies to trace stolen funds and aid in the return to the community.

Verifying, ranking and rating all projects in the web3, crypto and NFT space to enable safer and more reliable retail investment experience.

Project Verification

Blockchain Unmasked will conduct an audit of submitted projects to ensure they are legitimate and not scams.


Our goal is to provide your community with peace of mind that ensures full legitimacy and integrity of all submitted projects.

Blockchain Consulting

Backed by our research, network, and industry expertise, we work with individuals, institutions and governments to plan, build, manage and scale tailor-made Crypto, NFT, and Web 3.0 strategies and solutions. Our commitment is simple - to help you navigate and build your future in the next generation of internet with our deep expertise and networks.


Whether your interests be investment as an individual, integrating new services into an existing business, or developing a new project that leverages these technologies, Blockchain Unmasked's goal is to help you stay at the forefront of this rapidly advancing lands

Fund Recovery

Once a project is determined to be an intentional scam, our team will compile a formal legal Complaint with the support of our legal and law enforcement staff.

While recovery is our main objective, utilizing our private investigations partners and tools to securing an arrest is one of many other successful outcomes we can provide for our clients.

Project/Potential Scam Investigation

A Private Blockchain Investigation Service that identifies scams (known as rugpulls), and malicious intent - as opposed to failed projects.

Our industry-leading tracking and tracing software combined with our powerful team of lawyers and law enforcement agencies ensure we are able to secure a positive outcome for our clients. 

Unprecedented Integration . Impeccable Reliability.

Blockchain Unmasked is a company comprised of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have fallen victim of scam after scam losing tens if not hundreds of thousands collectively and want to help others avoid the same fate. 

We offer a wide array of services that attempt to prevent crypto scams, help people recover money lost in crypto scams, and provide peace of mind to YOU the investor by recognizing trustworthy and legitimate projects.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Pending Recoveries


Funds Recovered


Projects Reviewed


Projects Verified

Our Partners

Carlton Huxley LTD

Peiffer Wolf Carr Cane & Conway Law Firm 

Cogent Law

Robinson & Cole LLP

Darien Advisors


Are You Ready to Verify Your Project?

Submitting a project for verification has never been easier. Simply fill out the a few questions and we will begin our robust verification process. 

The more detail you as the submitter provides the easier and faster our response will be. 

Make sure you have selected whether the project is being submitted as a scam verification or verification of a viable project. 

Take The First Step at Recovering Your Funds.

Fallen victim of a Crypto Scam? We are here to help. All we ask is for you to answer a few simple questions including the name of the scam and amount lost and we will handle the rest.

Please keep in mind that fund recovery eligibility will depend on a multitude of factors including but not limited to the information submitted by investor, the outcome of the projects investigation, and successful recovery of stolen funds from the bad actors.

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