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Ethical Hacker Program

Join Our Ethical Hacker Development Program


DeFi's rapid expansion has created a pressing need for more developers, security experts, tracers, and ethical hackers. Unfortunately, this shortage has held back the full potential of the DeFi ecosystem, leading to frequent hacks and security breaches that harm projects and the public alike.

At BlockchainUnmasked, we're committed to fostering a safer DeFi space by nurturing ethical hacking talent in the smart contract and tracing industry. We've encountered numerous highly skilled hackers who aspire to dedicate themselves full-time to hunting scams, hacks, and breaches. However, many hesitate due to the perceived risk of leaving their current jobs to pursue sleuthing.

To empower talented individuals to sleuth full-time, we've introduced our Ethical Hacker Development Program.

The program's goal is to support skilled smart contract hackers and tracers in transitioning from their traditional employment to a full-time sleuthing career. BlockchainUnmasked will continuously assess applications and select candidates to join the program. Those accepted will receive a three-month salary award.

Participants in our program commit to:

Full-Time Sleuthing: Dedicate their time to sleuthing for scams, hacks, and breaches on the BlockchainUnmasked platform.

Community Engagement: Contribute to community efforts by creating educational resources, enabling aspiring sleuths to learn the ropes of detecting and tracing major scams, hacks, and breaches.

Monthly Reporting: Submit at least one high-quality report each month. Ethical hackers who cannot meet this requirement will no longer be part of the program.

In the spirit of giving back, 20% of any bounties earned by these sleuths during their participation will be reinvested in the program treasury. This ensures that we can provide the same opportunities to budding sleuths.


Join us in strengthening the DeFi community and making it more secure.

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