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Privacy Policy

We protect your information

BlockchainUnmasked ("BU") acknowledges that all materials and information provided by the Client or accessed during blockchain forensics or analytics services, including names, addresses, financial data, and other identifiers, are the Client's property. BU commits to using this information solely for data recovery services and will not disclose it to third parties without the Client's prior written consent, except when required by law.


BU will employ reasonable security measures to protect Client information, including ensuring confidentiality agreements with employees who access the data. The company will not disclose Client information to any person, firm, or corporation unless necessary to perform services under the agreement or mandated by law. In case BU engages a third party for services under this agreement, confidentiality protections will be enforced to safeguard Client information.


Upon request or termination of the agreement, BU will return all Client information. The confidentiality obligations in this policy do not apply to publicly available information, data already known to BU before disclosure, information obtained from sources other than the Client without breaching confidentiality, independently developed information by BU, or data containing illegal content like child pornography or information harmful to national security.


Business entities, government entities, and organizations whose data is successfully recovered may be requested to grant BU the right to use their copyright-protected logos and/or names for promotional purposes. If any entity declines, BU will promptly remove the copyrighted materials upon written request.

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