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Bounty Program

Harnessing the collective power of our community of internet sleuths to investigate wallets, transactions, and open-source intelligence effectively.


Steps to Review, Confirm, and Corroborate Community-Submitted Evidence

Submission: The process begins when our community members submit information related to potential cryptocurrency scams, frauds, or other illicit activities. This information can include wallet addresses, transaction details, and open-source intelligence links.


Initial Review: Upon receiving a submission, our team conducts an initial review to assess its relevance and potential impact. We prioritize submissions based on their significance in combating financial crimes.


Evidence Confirmation: Our experts delve into the submitted evidence, meticulously examining wallet addresses, transaction trails, and open-source intelligence sources. We aim to confirm the authenticity and relevance of the information provided.


Corroboration: To ensure the highest level of accuracy, we cross-reference the submitted evidence with other reliable sources and data points. This step is critical in building a comprehensive and credible case against fraudulent activities.


Community Collaboration: Sleuth believes in the power of collaboration. We encourage our community of internet sleuths to contribute their insights and expertise to strengthen the evidence. This collaborative approach enhances the overall quality of our investigations.


Expert Evaluation: Our in-house experts and analysts thoroughly evaluate the evidence, weighing its significance and potential impact on our mission to combat financial crimes. This evaluation process is essential for making informed decisions.


Acceptance: Once we have reviewed, confirmed, and corroborated the evidence, we accept the submission into our investigative pipeline. Accepted submissions become part of our ongoing efforts to uncover and combat cryptocurrency-related scams and fraud.


Actionable Insights: The information gathered through our bounty program submissions serves as the foundation for our comprehensive reports and investigations. These insights empower us to take appropriate actions, such as reporting to law enforcement or aiding victims in asset recovery.

Together, we make a significant impact in the fight against financial crimes in the cryptocurrency space. Thank you for being a valuable part of our mission.

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