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Blockchain Enterprises

Strengthening Blockchain Enterprises Against Fraud & Scams

Cryptocurrency, in particular, has become entwined with these illicit activities, resulting in increased operational costs for exchanges and custodians, financial setbacks for customers, and reputational damage that obstructs the advancement of blockchain finance.

Centralized Cybercriminal Insight: Harness our solutions to secure a pivotal advantage through centralized cybercriminal intelligence. We furnish a robust layer of defense built on real-time data correlation, considering various distinctive data points, including Wallet Addresses, IP addresses, social media profiles, URLs, phone numbers, and emails. We deliver actionable intelligence drawn from global data sharing.


Protection Across Your Ecosystem: Assure comprehensive customer protection against the adverse consequences of fraudulent activities and scams at every phase of their involvement. This encompasses the entire journey, from initial onboarding to the complete lifecycle, covering both incoming and outgoing transactions.


Heightened Operational Efficiency: Employ our white-labeled reporting tool to simplify abuse reporting, effectively reducing operational costs for your enterprise. Empower victims to promptly report incidents, thereby increasing the likelihood of asset recovery. Additionally, gain precise metrics detailing the scope of scams, facilitating well-informed decisions for future anti-crime investment strategies.


Embrace BlockchainUnmasked to fortify your blockchain enterprise against the risks of fraud and scams. We empower you to navigate these challenges, secure your assets, and honor your commitment to customers within the blockchain domain.

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