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We've harnessed the power of AI and Machine Learning to transform the reporting process into a seamless, hands-free experience. Our proprietary platform ingeniously automates each crucial step.


​​Sleuth offers precise wallet and transaction tracing, conducts holistic Open Source Intelligence digestion, and tailored comprehensive reporting, for a complete understanding of any investigation.

Effortless Data Ingestion: Sleuth efficiently ingests reported data, sparing victims the intricacies of manual input.


Wallet and Transaction Tracing: Our technology auto-traces wallets and transactions, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of clarity.


Open Source Intelligence Digestion: We meticulously digest all relevant Open Source Intelligence, ensuring a holistic understanding of the situation.


Comprehensive Reporting: Sleuth returns four distinct reports, each tailored to your needs. These reports cover asset tracing, and filing documentation for civil, criminal, and tax-loss procedures, ensuring you have the insights required to take action

Experience the future of cryptocurrency asset reporting with Sleuth – your trusted partner in regaining control over your digital assets.

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