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Financial Institutions

Strengthening Financial Institutions Against Financial Crime with BlockchainUnmasked


With fraud, scams, and money laundering posing ever-greater threats to your customers, BlockchainUnmasked stands as your ultimate solution, equipping you with the tools to reduce losses and ensure your customers' protection.

Combating Escalating Threats: Financial losses due to fraud and scams are reaching unprecedented heights and continue to rise. BlockchainUnmasked empowers you to fortify your defenses, staying one step ahead of these growing threats.


Real-Time Alerts: Shield, a core feature of BlockchainUnmasked, delivers real-time alerts to your institution, significantly reducing losses and operational costs.


Empowering Your Defense: Sleuth, another integral part of our suite, empowers victims to promptly report frauds and scams on a global scale. By utilizing this tool, you reinforce your first line of defense, increasing the likelihood of your customers receiving recovery.


Global Cybercriminal Knowledge: BlockchainUnmasked consolidates cybersecurity intelligence on a global scale, providing a pivotal layer of protection built upon tangible insights.

Comprehensive Defense: BlockchainUnmasked shields your customers from hacks, frauds, and scams at every stage of their journey, from onboarding to the entire lifecycle, including both inbound and outbound payments.

Streamlined Reporting: Sleuth offers a platform that simplifies abuse reporting for you and your customers. This reduces costs and expedites victim reports, significantly enhancing the chances of recovery.


Informed Decision-Making: Gain precise metrics on the scale of scams, providing valuable insights to shape your future anti-crime investment strategies. 


Elevate your security measures, protect your customers from financial crime, and stay ahead of evolving threats with BlockchainUnmasked. Fortify your defenses with our advanced solutions and safeguard the future of your financial institution.

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